Get Windows 10 Free Today

Get Windows 10 Free Today

Windows 10 update promises more toys for assistants.


1909 is rolling out

Get Windows 10 1903 is rolling out Free Today


The May 2019 Update also introduces a light theme, separates Cortana from Search and alters how the software manages storage.


The next Windows 10 update for 2019 has the codename 19H2, although not released yet, the American tech giant has already started releasing early versions for 2020, codenamed 20H1.


In the release notes, Microsoft quietly added the issue to its Surface Book 2 big book o' bugs for the release on 12 July.


See Windows new Hello


if you’re​ the type of person who can’t wait a week for the general rollout, chances are you are already on Microsoft’s Insider builds and have had a taste of what’s coming for quite some time.


To give it ago, simply download the Update Assistant from this link (click here for a direct download).

Alternatively, you can now download an ISO file for a fresh install from this page. And if you don’t know what an ISO file is, you shouldn’t be doing this anyway.


Great news! Microsoft offers a free upgrade to Windows 10 for qualified new or existing Windows 7, Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone 8.1 devices!
And even better: you might find a fresh install is a Pro version:)


Windows 10 to use holograms. As holograms, your digital content will be as real as the physical objects in the room. For the first time, holograms will become practical tools for daily life. The era of holographic computing is here.


Windows Hello lets customers use approved companion devices such as wristbands, smart watches, phones etc. to quickly sign-in to their Windows 10 PC and authenticate to their business resources without using a password.


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